Miskopasakos.lt e-shop Terms and Conditions

1. General provisions

1.1. The owner of www.miskopasakos.lt (the “Seller”) in the electronic shop miskopasakos. lt (the “Store”) trades in accordance with these terms and conditions (the “Terms”).
1.2. The right to buy at the e-store has:
1.2.1. natural persons, i.e. persons who have reached the age of majority and whose capacity is not restricted by court procedure;
1.2.2. minors from the age of fourteen to eighteen, can only have the parents or guardians consent, unless they are self-disposing of their income;
1.2.3. legal entities.
1.3. The person who completes the registration form for the Stores user confirms these Terms and Conditions by checking “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions”, are familiar with the Terms and agree with all the conditions specified therein.
1.4 When accepting these Terms, the Client agrees that his personal data would be processed in the electronic shop of goods and services www.miskopasakos.lt, Seller’s performance analyzes and direct marketing purposes.
1.5. The person registered to www.miskopasakos.it becomes the client (the Client) who acquires the rights and obligations established in the Terms.
1.6. The Seller has the right at any time to limit the Client’s rights or cancel the registration if the Client does not comply with the terms and conditions established in the Terms.
1.7. The Seller has the right at any time, in advance, without alerting the Client, to change, amend or supplement the Terms. New Terms come into effect on the day they are posted on the Store. The Client’s orders submitted prior to the Substitution of the Order shall be executed in accordance with the Terms in force at the time the order was placed.
1.8. In case of important circumstances, Seller may temporarily or completely stop the activities of online shops without informing the Client. After Client orders are paid up to such circumstances.
1.9. The Seller is not liable and does not compensate the Client for the loss the Client has suffered as a result of non-compliance with the conditions stipulated in these Terms.
1.10. The Client has the right to refuse the Purchase and Sale Agreement concluded with the www.miskopasakos.lt online store by notifying the Seller in writing (or by e-mail: info@miskopasakos.lt), indicating the desire to return the goods and the order number) no later than 7 (seven) work days from the date of delivery of the item.
1.11. The Seller, receives the notice provided by the Clause 1.10. for withdrawal of the contract, must accept the Client’s returned item within fifteen days and return to the Client the item’s exact paid value.


  1. Price of goods and payment procedure

2.1. Prices for the sold goods are indicated with VAT.
2.2. The freight charge is indicated when the order is formed before its final approval. 2.2.1 Delivery of goods (transportation) fee is calculated by considering the place of delivery and the weight of the items.
2.3. The Client can pay for the ordered goods in one of the following ways:
2.3.1. Payment by the electronic banking system used by the Client. The Client shall submit a payment order form the electronic banking system according to his order. All monetary operations are carried out in the bank’s electronic banking system
2.3.2. Bank transfer payment. By choosing this payment method, you can pay for the goods within 48 hours. A payment order form is submitted to the client according to his order. If the goods are not charged within 48 hours, the order will be canceled.
2.4. Ownership rights to the Goods are transferred to the Client from the exact time of transfer or purchase to the Client.

  1. Order of goods

3.1. By confirming the order, the Client must verify that all his personal details are correct. By finding the discrepancy, the Client undertakes to correct the data and only then can confirm the order.
3.2. The order will be made, only when and if the Client fully pays for it.
3.3. If the Client wants the goods to be delivered to another address or they are to be received by other recipient, in the order that the client specifies to the other shipping address and the data provided.


  1. Delivery of goods

4.1 Shipping of goods is carried out only on working days. Upon ordering Goods on weekends or on holidays the sending of the goods will start the following next work day.
4.2 The goods are delivered in the manner chosen by the Client. The Client is provided with the tracking code of the consignment (if it exists), which is then sent to the e-mail address indicated on the order form.
4.3 Goods shall be handed over to the Client only upon signing the courier delivery documents (if there is a courier), including the Merchandise Sales Score – the invoice, which is also the Transaction Acceptance Act.
4.4 Goods are delivered to Lithuania at the indicated address within 2-5 work days after payment for the order.
4.5 To other countries the goods are delivered according to the agreed terms between the Seller and the Client.
4.6. The Client agrees that, in exceptional cases, the presentation of the goods may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances outside of the Sellers control. In such a case, the Seller will undertake to immediately contact the Client and to harmonize the terms of delivery of the goods.
4.7. In all cases, the Seller shall be released from liability for the infringement with the delivery of the goods. Aswell If the Goods are not presented to the Client or submitted in due time due to the fault of the Client or due to the circumstances created by the Client.
4.8. Upon receiving the goods, the Client must, together with the Seller or the authorized representative, check the condition of the parcel and the item(s) and sign the transfer / acceptance document. After the Client signs the transfer / acceptance document, the signature mean’s that the goods are in suitable condition, there is no damage to the goods, the basis of which is not attributable to the manufacturer’s defect, and the lack of conformity of the goods (as may be determined during the external inspection of the goods). If the packaging is damaged (wrinkled, wet or otherwise externally damaged), the good(s) are damaged and / or the product(s) are inadequate, the Client must indicate this in the transfer / acceptance document and, with the participation of the Seller or his representative, to write the free-form inconsistencies and / or good(s) damage act. If the Client fails to do so, the Seller is then discharged from liability to the Purchaser for the damaged goods, if the basis for the occurrence of such violation is not a factory defect and due to non-conformity of the item’s goods, these discrepancies can be determined during the external examination of the goods.

4.9 Upon receiving the goods by mail, the Client is obligated to inspect the product in case of discrepancy. If discrepancies are found the Client must contact the seller and within 2 days. If the Client fails to do so, the Seller is then discharged from liability to the Purchaser for the damaged goods, if the basis for the occurrence of such violation is not a factory defect and due to non-conformity of the item’s goods, these discrepancies can be determined during the external examination of the goods.


  1. Warranty and return of goods

5.1 The main characteristics of each item in the Shop are generally indicated in the description of each item.
5.2 Upon the return of the Goods, the Purchaser must present the Goods Purchased Document, the purchase invoice.
5.3. If the Client has been sold inappropriate quality goods, and in advance the defects of the Goods have not been discussed, the Purchaser has the right to demand from Seller:
5.3.1. To change the inappropriate quality of a product into a good quality product;
5.3.2. Accordingly reduce the price of the goods;
5.3.3. To unilaterally terminate the sale-purchase agreement and demand repayment for the goods.
5.4. High-quality Goods are not returnable and unchangeable.
5.5 When purchaser returns goods, it is necessary to observe the following conditions:
5.5.1. Returnable product must be tidy;
5.5.2. The goods must not be damaged by the Client;
5.5.3. The product must be unused, not loss of merchantability (undamaged labels, etc.) (this item does not apply in case of return of defective goods);
5.5.4. The returned goods must be the same items as those received by the Client.
5.6. Changes to the appearance of the item or its packaging that were made to look at the received item cannot be considered as the changes, for which the goods cannot be returned.
5.7. The seller is not liable for the fact that the goods in the online store may not, in their color, shape or other parameters, correspond to the actual size, shape and color of the goods due to the characteristic of the monitor used by the Client.

  1. Rights, duties and responsibilities of the party

6.1. Client has the right:
6.1.1. To purchase the product at the price specified in the Store and in accordance with the Terms;
6.1.2. Client undertakes: Using services provided by the Seller, to follow the Regulations provided in the Store and comply with the provisions specified therein;, Can not disclose your login information to third parties; In case of changed personal information to immediately update the personal data that were submitted to the registration form; Get acquainted with the Terms of the Store; Accept Transferred Goods and pay at a set price.
6.2. The Seller has the right:
6.2.1. At any time to stop the activities of the Shop, except for already paid orders by the Client;
6.2.2. Amend, update and correct the Terms;
6.2.3. To change the range of goods and prices, except for already paid orders;
6.2.4. If the Client, by deliberate action, damaging the Store or the Seller, the Seller restricts or cancels the Client’s registration and access to the services provided by the Store.
6.3. The seller undertakes:
6.3.1. To sell goods and to issue a document confirming the purchase / sale of goods (payment of money) to the Client who has paid for them;
6.3.2. Deliver ordered goods under the terms set forth in the following;
6.3.3. To guarantee the sale of safe, of safe and good quality goods;
6.3.4. Provide the Client with correct and complete information about the goods being sold;
6.4. The Client is responsible for his actions in the electronic shop.
6.5. The Seller is not liable for the losses arising from the fact that the Client did not get acquainted with these Terms, although such an opportunity was granted, misused the Goods.
6.6. The seller is not liable for the third-party advertising and the accuracy of the information contained therein.
6.7. The parties agree that upon the occurrence of one of the parties’ liability, the guilty party will compensates the other party for direct losses.


  1. Personal data protection

7.1. By accepting these Terms, the Client agrees that his personal data will be processed in the electronic shop’s goods and services www.miskopasakos.lt, Sellers performance analyzes and direct marketing purposes.
7.2. The Seller confirms that the Client’s personal data will only be used for the Client’s identification when ordering the goods and delivery of the ordered goods. Client personal data may be used for marketing purposes only if the Client agrees to in the registration form.
7.3. The Seller undertakes to not disclose the Client’s personal data and order-related information to any third parties except Seller’s partners who provide goods delivery services. In other cases, the Client’s personal data may be disclosed when required by the competent State institution in cases provided for in the Law of the Republic of Lithuania.
7.4. The Seller undertakes to ensure the protection of the Client’s personal data in accordance with the procedure prescribed in the Law of the Republic of Lithuania.
7.5 The Client undertakes to keep the Client’s access to the Store’s data and not disclose it to any third party. In the event of breach of this Policy, all the related responsibilities shall be borne by the Client. When the Client becomes aware of the disclosure of his login data, immediately informs the Seller thereof, who, having regard to the Client’s message, blocks the Client’s login. For the Client registration reactivation, the parties agree separately.
7.6. If the Sellers online store contains links to other companies, organizations or personal websites, the Seller is not responsible for the information or activities contained therein, the Seller does not own, control, and does not represent these entities and individuals.

  1. Other provisions

8.1. The parties undertake to negotiate any dispute arising out of the execution of the Terms. Unless the dispute is resolved, the judiciary shall be dealt with by the place of residence of the Seller.
8.2. All notices, claims, complaints submitted to the Seller must be submitted in writing or by e-mail info@miskopasakos.lt

  1. Gift vouchers

9.1. Miško Pasaka Electronic Gift Coupon (the “Gift Coupon”) confirms prepayment and grants the gift coupon holder the right to purchase goods in accordance with the Terms. The gift coupon must be presented before paying for the goods.
9.2. The Gift Coupon can be purchased at www.miskopasakos.lt, as well as in a store located at Baltų pr.81, Kaunas.
9.3. The Gift Coupon denominations while buying online: 5 €, 10 €, 15 €, 20 €, 30 €, 40 €, 50 €, 60 €. “Miško Pasaka” store located at Baltų pr. 81, in Kaunas when buying a Gift Coupon denomination is not defined.
9.4. The Gift Coupon can be paid at the “Miško Pasaka” store, which located at Baltų pr. 81, in Kaunas or at e-shop www.miskopasakos.lt
9.5. The Gift Coupon is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. The gift coupon expiration date is shown on the Gift Coupon. The purchase date of the gift voucher “Miško Pasaka” at Baltų pr.81, Kaunas, is a year from the date of the receipt of the receipt.
9.6. The Gift Coupon may be transferred to a third party.
9.7. The Gift Coupon cannot be exchanged for money.
9.8. In the event that price for the goods exceeds the amount indicated in the Gift Coupon, the missing part of the price may be paid in cash, credit or debit card. If the price of services is less than the amount indicated in the Gift Coupon, the return is not given.
9.9. The Gift Coupon for billing for services may be used only once. Upon presentation of the Gift Coupon to settle the services, the Gift Coupon is not returned to its holder.
9.10. In the event that the Gift Coupon is damaged, torn or otherwise damaged and therefore it is not possible to identify the Gift Coupon number, the amount of money indicated in the Gift Coupon, it is not possible to pay for the services using the Gift Coupon, such Gift Coupon is not change dand money for it is not returned.
9.11. When purchasing the Gift Coupon, the VAT invoice is not issued.
9.12. When purchasing the Gift Coupon, discounts are not applicable.
9.13. The gift coupon is not refundable.
9.14. “Miško Pasaka” reserves the right to change the Terms for the use of the Gift Coupon and commits itself to inform about it on the website www.miskopasakos.lt.
9.15. The Terms for the use of the Gift Coupon will come into force on 1 November 2017.


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